This is an absolute beginner course starting on TUESDAY December 5th at 6:30 pm. Start feeling the joy of Argentine Tango with Refik and Emily-Rose of Sydney Tango House. We start with learning the basics of connection and moving together to start you on your tango journey.
Our Absolute beginners course goes for 4 weeks and is for those with little or no previous knowledge of dancing Argentine Tango. Our courses work in sets of 4 week booking and payments. This group will continue 1 hr each week (with practica time available afterwards if you want to stay) until the next month where you ‘Level Up’ to continue with the same group at the same time. Book ahead of time so we can balance numbers. Also please note it is not a drop in class but if you miss out – a new absolute beginners course will start the following month or you can discuss with us a private session or 2 to catch up at a special discounted price.

Booking into a course at Sydney Tango House also gives you lots of perks! Our students get discounts on using the space for practice (practica) and discounts on all our workshops that happen every weekend.